#ruby developer. love #linux, #tmux and #vim.

I use tmux everyday. bhtmux-cartoon.jpg.

I am Rails Contributor.

I love GitHub.

I love GitLab.

I love Twitter.

I love dogs.

I read books:

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Cool moments

I added notice when a database is successfully created or dropped in Rails. Pull Request #24551.

I fixed the problem - "Optimistic locking does not work well with null in the database" (#26024). Pull Request #26050. These changes helped me get into "This Week in Rails" for the first time - "This Week in Rails: greener JRuby, optimistier locking and more!".

I fixed the problem - "ActiveModel#Errors creates key in messages hash if there aren't any errors for that given key" (#23468). Pull Request #28584.

I fixed the problem - "ActiveRecord::AttributeMethods::Dirty#changes is inconsistent when overriding AR accessors" (#28660). Pull Request #28661.

I fixed migration tasks. Fixed `bin/rails db:forward` first migration. Added raise error on the movement of migrations when the current migration does not exist. Pull Request #28166.

Notes of Life / Thoughts